Ozado Cross


Product Description

The Ozado is easy to assemble. It consists of 11 parts. A 2 part base, 2 leg extensions, 1 vertical shaft, 3 cross bars, 2 hooks to help with the meat and one backbone support. There are 6 bolts to be fastened and its ready to go.

It is packaged in two parts. A box  that is  620mm W x  410mm D x 90mm H that weighs 10 kg. A 60mm diameter 1550mm long tube that weighs 7 kg. (Total weight of packages 17kg)

It can be collected from Level 3, 101 -111 William St Darlinghurst Sydney 2010. Please call 0414 850 136 or email info@ozado.com.au to organise shipping.



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