The Ozado Story




The Ozado story began with friends, when a small group set aside an entire day from their busy lives to enjoy a ridiculously long lunch.  A whole beast was slowly cooked over an open fire.

At first, we used a BBQ spit.  More recently, we were inspired by the great BBQ traditions of South America and imported a ‘Patagonian BBQ Cross’. We haven’t looked back.

Everyone we have fed has begged to borrow our Patagonian Cross, or has asked us where to buy one. Clearly the Patagonian Asado aligns with Australian appetites. So we started Ozado, to make and supply them locally.

The Ozado cross is easy to carry into a paddock or garden and, unlike most spits, doesn’t require power.  It becomes the visual centerpiece of any event – whether it’s used for cooking a few ribs on a picnic, or when the drama of a whole beast is the heart of a large feast.




5 minutes with Ozado creator Polly Harbison